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Caring is what we do best! In our educational setting we nurture and prepare your baby for future learning with a milestone-based curriculum. Our teachers create experiences to meet the developmental needs of your baby. Our infants enjoy storytime, outdoor experiences, music, and making crafts. We depend on our parents input and follow the schedule that you feel is important for your baby. Our parents receive written details including: every diaper change, bottle, naptimes, and activities for the day!


This is such a fun group, full of so much energy and excitement. We provide a stimulating classroom environment where children are given space to move, to develop physical skills and reach their milestones. Our toddlers enjoy story time, songs and finger-plays, learning new words and forming simple sentences, and crafts everyday. Parents take home a daily progress sheet that details everything from diaper changes to activities they completed.  


Our twos are terrific! They are full of curiosity and energy. The learning environment is designed to be fun, but more structured. Each day begins with circle time which includes: story time, learning shapes, colors, letters, counting, and songs. Each child is encouraged to share, help others, and make new friends. Children in this class have an opportunity to choose areas of play, such as housekeeping, blocks, and quiet area with books and puzzles. Parents take home a daily progress sheet, detailing your child's day. 


Our pre-school has an engaging classroom environment that promotes your child's curiosity and yearning to learn. This early childhood approach includes the opportunity for each child to gain independence through self-help skills that are necessary for independent learners. The children in this class will be introduced to differentiating upper/lower case letters, writing, rhyming words, reading comprehension, counting, and simple math. They will have a weekly theme which will include an art project which encourages their creativity. Parents will receive a daily progress sheet, detailing your child's day.


Our dedicated teachers are committed to helping these children make significant developmental gains to be successful in Kindergarten. The classroom environment provides the opportunity for children to work both independently and in a group. They work on writing first and last names, forming words and complex sentences, sightwords, addition and subtraction, science experiments, consonants, vowels, nouns, and verbs. These children graduate from Pre-K with the confidence, self-esteem, knowledge, and experience to be successful in the next step of their education. Parents will receive a daily progress sheet, detailing your child's day. Additionally, we talk with each parent explaining your child's strengths and areas for growth regarding their path to kindergarten. 

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